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Mountain Biking

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Grizzly Outfitters

11 Lone Peak Dr #101
Big Sky, MT 59716


Offering rentals for mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, kids bikes and more- Grizzly`s shop offers it all!

Gallatin Alpine Sports

169 Snowy Mountain Circle
Big Sky, MT 59716

Snowboard, ski and winter equipment rentals


48 Big Sky Resort Road
Big Sky, MT 59716
406-599-7086; 406-599-7086 (Bozeman Store)


RadBikes is Bozeman’s premiere bike retail and repair shop.

We also specialize in:

– Bike Service – If it’s got wheels, chains, and gears, we can make it faster. RadBikes can service every part of your bike, and do it quickly.

– Ski Service – We’ve got the tools to tune your skis too. RadBikes might sound like the name of just a bike shop, but we’re also fully equipped to tune your skis, mold your boots, and other awesome services. Take at what we have to offer.

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